Choosing the Best SEO Services Company

When choosing an SEO services company, you should consider a few things to be able to make the right choice. It is important to note that good search engine optimization (SEO) for your website means more business for you. This is because it will lead to more visibility of your site, hence more traffic, more prospects, more conversions and higher profits. It is the lifeline for the long term success of your business. Therefore, as you choose the company to aid you with your SEO efforts, make a wise choice right from the start to avoid compromising on your web based business.

To start with, you should ask yourself whether SEO is right for your business. If you need more exposure to more clients and potential customers, then the answer here is a no brainer. This decision can also be informed by your level of expertise in terms of SEO. If you are good at implementing SEO yourself, then you can make a quick decision on where to start with your efforts for better search engine visibility. Else, start the process of identifying the most appropriate SEO company to help you out.

The very first sign of a genuine SEO services company is a need to evaluate your website before they offer a quote. These companies know that sometimes, your entire website needs a very small alteration to completely change and become very visible and competitive. They, therefore, insist on evaluating your site to identify what needs to be changed or to be included for better visibility, before you even talk about costs. Avoid SEO companies that will promise and „guarantee“ you first page rankings in almost no time. These companies will most likely use some black hat and prohibited techniques to rank your site. The result is temporary good rankings, which fade away as fast as they came. You may also end up getting your site penalized or even banned from the search results, meaning a loss of business and investment capital.

Upon identification of a potential SEO company, find out if they have any certifications. These work towards giving you more confidence in their services. A company that has been identified by various independent authorities for excellent service will most likely give you a very satisfactory outcome with your SEO campaigns. On top of the certifications, they should also have a verifiable portfolio of current and previous clients who are happy with their service.

A huge sign of success that may be delivered by the SEO company of choice is their own website. How well does the SEO company’s website rank for their main keywords? If they are competitively ranked, then you can use them to help with your SEO efforts. If they are nowhere to be found in the search engines, then you cannot expect much from them.

Finally, the cost of the service should be affordable and cheap enough for your pocket, but well enough to guarantee quality service. Remember that success with SEO is an on-going effort and not a one-time activity. So, when choosing your SEO services company, make sure to have this in mind.

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Donor Acquisition Mistakes Non-Profits Should Avoid


1) Active social media Presence

As per survey 59% people, who simply follow or like a non-profit organization, feel inspired to donate money. It is one of the most important communication channels where you can highlight your performance, achievements, comparison with peers and importantly how your organization has positively impacted the lives of people whom you are working for.

2) Work hard on your website

Make website donor friendly and interactive where they can post queries and it must be supported by an active team to give prompt and to the point replies. Website should have list of center addresses along with contact numbers so prospective donor can call or visit the center.

Some important things on your site must have:

  1. A brand image, logo and clear vision of your organization.
  2. Including touching stories or videos that help to encourage donors to read and know more about what your organization is all about.
  3. A bright bold button of „Donate“ at top of homepage.
  4. A simple and secured password protected payment processing system
  5. A quick check out process with minimal fields to fill in as possible.

3) Strong planning well in advance for a fund raising event

  1. Well defined goal and cause for fund raising.
  2. Proper budget allocation and resources for the event.
  3. Identification the right Venue of event to capture the maximum donors.
  4. Merchandise, specific to event, like books, t-shirts etc. to sell or distribute at the event.
  5. Identification of team for various activities to make the event successful.
  6. Follow up with the target donors to attend the event.

4) Effective communication with donors

Nurturing relationships with donors by providing regular updates on programs they support. Don’t forget to say „thanks“ to give value and acknowledging their support at the time of need.

5) Showcase your value to donors

Many non-profits organizations communicate as if the donor is doing them all the favor. In reality, it is also an opportunity offered to donors to change the world in much more meaningful way than other things that money can buy.

6) Add proof of donations

Showcasing of other prominent personality visited the page and their contribution (not amount) will also attract and influence potential donors. With this not only new donors will gain the confidence but also prompt them to make the fast decision to donate. Sharing a photo of donating on Facebook or many other social media platform or on website would also be a good idea.

7) Provide certificate to donors for getting tax rebate

Since your organization is registered organization with government of India so providing a tax rebate certification to individual donor will also increase the number of donors and it has to be clearly mentioned on your website.

8) Door to door awareness program

Adding volunteer may be from college or some other means, to promote the cause and vision of your organization will increase the awareness among people and improve the donation inflow.

9) Cold calling to potential customer

Although not much conversion happened from cold calling but it is also an important aspect to let the people know about your organization. It is also important that caller should be respectful about the timing of the customer.


1) Focus on donors from single geography

People from different locations have different beliefs and thought processes therefore tend to get attracted to different causes for help, so covering all the geographies at one go with single cause may not help for rising the donation.

2) Unable to grab people’s attention

To draw attention of people on „Donate Now“ button by not letting them know how exactly their donation will be used and also have made them feel to make donation a recurring gift by effective imagery and videos.

3) Complicated homepage

When someone lands on your donation page they experience e-mail options, advertisements, highlighted programs, search tools, various promotions etc. instead a simpler page that makes completing the action of donation easier and faster.

4) Absence of giving levels

Research shows that not suggesting the different denominations creates confusion for the donor to decide how much to donate.

5) Failing to encourage people to donate without occasion

People like to donate on their own as one-time gift but receiving a monthly recurring donation is possible by putting an option like a pop up question when person clicking on the amount of donation asking „When would you like to donate next? „or option of button „Monthly“.

6) Not being transparent

Whatever good your organization has done, if that information of the success of the programs and systematic sequence of future programs is not conveyed to donors, organization will lack in gaining trust and a proof of authenticity of work done for the social cause. Annual reports are needed to showcase genuine work.

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SEO Can Work to Grow Your Perceivability on the Web Crawlers

Get more site activity, more clients, and more online vivibility with ground-breaking and exact SEO administrations. Site improvement is a basic part of web based advertising, and we’ll build up a crusade particular to your individual image and industry

Web optimization is an acronym that stands for site improvement, which is the way toward streamlining your site to get natural, or un-paid, movement from the web crawler comes about page. At the end of the day, SEO includes rolling out specific improvements to your web architecture and substance that make your webpage more alluring to an internet searcher. You do this with the expectation that the internet searcher will show your site as a best outcome on the web search tool comes about page.

In spite of the fact that site design improvement can get very perplexing with regards to all the distinctive variables that effect your positioning, the essential procedure isn’t as hard to get it. Web indexes need to give the best support of their clients. This implies conveying comes about on the web index pages that are high caliber as well as pertinent to what the searcher is searching for.

Keeping in mind the end goal to do this, web crawlers will output, or slither, distinctive sites to better comprehend what the website is about. This causes them convey more applicable outcomes to the individuals who are hunting down specific subjects or catchphrases. So also, the web search tools will examine the webpage to decide that it is so natural to explore and read, compensating easy to understand destinations with higher rankings on the web index comes about page.

Web optimization is the procedure that associations experience to help ensure that their webpage positions high in the web crawlers for pertinent catchphrases and expressions. For example, suppose that you have an article about how to fabricate a perch room. Keeping in mind the end goal to get your substance before the perfect individuals, you need to attempt to improve your this blog entry with the goal that it will appear as a best outcome for any individual who looks for the expression „construct an aviary.“

There are numerous advantages of SEO for your business. By enhancing your SEO, you can work to grow your perceivability on the web crawlers. This encourages you reach and connect more potential clients. By making all the more captivating and viable SEO-centered substance, you can build your odds of acquiring more focused on natural movement.

The accompanying are the 3 distinct kinds of SEO.

White cap SEO-this is a standout amongst the most mainstream SEO strategy and is one which uses strategies and methods to enhance web index rankings of a site which don’t cross paths with internet searcher rules. A portion of the systems which white cap SEO influences utilization of incorporate fantastic substance advancement, to connect obtaining efforts upheld by top notch content, site HTML improvement and rebuilding and manual effort and research. When you pick this strategy for SEO then you can expect a slow yet consistent yet enduring development in your rankings.

Dark cap SEO-dark cap SEO then again is a kind of a SEO system which abuses the different shortcomings in the calculations or web crawlers keeping in mind the end goal to get high rankings for sites. This sort of a technique for SEO isn’t as per the SEO rules set via web search tools and particularly Google. The healthiness level is low a direct result of the way that a portion of the dark cap SEO methods incorporate catchphrase stuffing, connect spam, concealed content, shrouded interface, shrouding. When you pick this strategy, you can expect erratic, brisk however short enduring development in positioning.

Dark cap SEO-This sort of a SEO is a sort of a SEO which is neither dark nor white. This is a strategy that does not completely utilize the dark cap SEO and rather joins both. This is a change from dark to white and from white to dark. Regardless of whether it is because of weight from the site or organization or to convey better outcomes, some SEO organizations may hone Gray cap SEO to some degree. They may not go too far to dark cap SEO.

So now that you know the different SEO strategies and techniques, you should choose for yourself which rehearse do you most concur with. It is imperative to pick a web advancement or SEO organization which attempts to take after white cap SEO to comply with all rules and offer you durable great SEO comes about. We are a web improvement and administration organization which likewise offers valuable white cap SEO administrations to you at sensible rates. So sign on today and advance towards high site positioning.


On-Page SEO alludes to how well your site’s substance is introduced to web crawlers. This sort of SEO gets your site on the rundown of indexed lists for a given catchphrase look and can ordinarily be enhanced rapidly.

Despite the fact that it represents just around 25% of how web crawlers score and rank your site, it merits making it the initial step of your SEO technique since it is sufficiently simple to do and gives relatively prompt change.

Off-Page SEO alludes to your webpage’s „power“ on the Internet, which is dictated by what different sites „say“ about your website. Off-page SEO is tied in with getting your site to the highest priority on the rundown of query items, and more often than not sets aside opportunity to move forward.

Capturous infotech provides best SEO service in Nagpur.

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Elements of Modern Web Designing

Modern website design is not all about looking; it has more to do with industrial and product design, unlike the old ways which had more in common with graphic design. The way a site functions and the content it delivers go hand in hand with cutting – edge graphic and colours. A modern website design is much more than only to present a website; it boosts the looking and functionality of a website. It’s all about the users, to target them. Websites are there for the customers or to target them. A website should design for all kinds of devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops tab, etc, for all kinds of screens, from big screen to the small screen.

Some essential elements are needed to consider to present a website that is truly modern design and efficient at the same time. The elements you need to consider are:

Unique typography

The typography you use on your website, it makes an impression on your visitors about your business. It is important to choose the right typography of your brand name; you need a typography that can depict the image of your brand. If you want a modern and young feel of your site, then San serif would be the better choice.

However, choosing the font is your preference. When you are deciding on the right typeface, remember to think about the legibility, colour, and audience you’re targeting.

Use of Videos and Patterns as a Background

Showing the visuals is one of the biggest changes in web design concepts. You will notice that many websites trick its visitors by showing the appealing and eye – catching visual long homepage content. In addition, there are so many companies have opted for a minimalist approach. They have clear most of the text on the page and implemented large photography or the website in the background.

Whether it is a background image or a video, it helps to attract the visitors and tell them what you are offering and what you are about in a thoughtful and attractive way.

Bold Colours

One more element is important in your website: colours, yes colours play an important role for your website. A correct combination can affect how successful your website is in accumulating customers and keeping them on your homepage.

Hover Effects

When users place their cursors over the part of the website where the hover effect is present, the colour changes and the feature highlights. This effect makes the user experience rich, but they are not intrusive at all.

Flat Design

The flat deign is on simple illustrations that take hold of the reader’s attention. This makes the site look radiant and clean. These designs guide the user directly to the content and make sure that they don’t get distracted by the fancy design. This will make your website load fast without all over – technical aspects.

Hamburger Menus

One of the most popular elements for mobile friendly sites is the hamburger menu, which usually consist of three horizontal lines at the top of the corner of a website. When you click on the menu a navigational drop – down will be expanded. This feature is widely used by sites because it keeps the page minimalist. It is clear, clutter free, and simplistic to help the visitors. A hamburger menu is also allowing you to group more links.

Scroll-To-Page Sections

There are some websites with modern designs, which have this scroll – to – page sections feature. When a user clicks on a link on a webpage, the page directly brought to a different part of the web page. Some websites are designed with this feature; they have designed the navigation in such a way that has links to the most important sections on the site, where they want their readers to go and have a glance. For an instance, if you click on a review section, the page will scroll to the review section, where you can read reviews about. And if you want to know about the company information, when you click on to company this will take you to the company webpage.

These small additions are really beneficial for websites to promote the usability and user experience. The older websites which are still focusing on designing than the content may lose in the long run, because now modern design practices to possible to go hand in hand, to provide better usability to the users.

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Search Engine Optimization – How Off Page and on Page Optimization Works

Every website owner understands that search engine optimization is the best way to increase site traffic and change your search engine rank. This explains why there are millions of resources telling you how you can use SEO to your advantage. There are two ways you can apply search engine optimization to your website.

The first approach is called on-page optimization. This means that the content on the webpage you want to bring traffic to is optimized so as to show up higher in search engines and bring in traffic. This requires using keywords and excellent writing skills so you can get the most traffic.

Off-page optimization is when you build links to your webpage from another website. By clicking on these links, people are directed to your landing page. While this may sound simple, it’s not. Since you are relying on other people to include your link on their page you may be in for a tough challenge.

For this, you need to make sure that your website is one that other sites want to be linked to, and will want to place links of on their web pages. This means you need to target only those websites that are visited by the kinds of people you want visiting your site, but you might want to stay away from asking the competition to place back-links since they definitely won’t be OK with that. Also, the information on your website needs to be up to date, accurate, well written and worth linking to if you want anyone to link to your website.

The best ways you can apply both on and off page optimization is by hiring someone to do this for you. It is very simple to pay someone to write up to date and new content for your site, which will leave you free to do other things. You can also pay someone to create back-links, create marketing articles and in short take over your entire marketing plan. While this will end up costing you, it might actually be a good investment since if you hire someone who has a good reputation and knows what they are doing; you could end up with an exponential increase in traffic.

The important thing to know about off-page optimization is that you should not try and place thousand of links in the same week. By taking the slow and steady approach, you will be able to sustain the increase in traffic. It is also important to build well-rounded links. This is important since search engines give priority to well built links. It is also important to pick web pages that have been around for a long time when you are placing back-links. Search engines also offer priority to older websites and domain names than they do to new ones.

By making sure that you apply both on-page and off-page optimization to your website, you can increase your traffic exponentially in a few months and reap the benefits of this.

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Top 10 Tips To Improve Insurance Agency SEO

Effective insurance agency search engine optimization can help drive traffic to your website, generate inbound leads, and increase the health and credibility of your insurance website. Let’s review these top 10 tips when it comes to improving your insurance agency search engine optimization.

  • Know Your Keyword Phrases

Keywords, which are technically keyword phrases, are short three to five word phrases your prospects might use when looking for insurance products and services. For example, Ohio business insurance, Charlotte employee benefits, and New Jersey truck insurance, are all keyword phrases potentially applicable to your agency. To create a list of these phrases, there are many free tools and techniques your agency can use. For example, Google AdWords and Keyword Planner will help you determine the number of searches, by phrase, for your preferred keyword phrases. It will also recommend similar phrases for you to consider. There are many other free and paid tools, including Moz Keyword Explorer and SEOBook Keyword Tool.

  • Review Other Insurance Agency Websites

Many agencies and brokers don’t do a great job with insurance search engine optimization (insurance SEO). That said, it can be still helpful to investigate other insurance agency websites to see if your agency can glean keyword phrase ideas. To do this, simply navigate to another agency website in your state and View Page Source, and search (Ctrl F) for meta. Or you can install a free tool bar from Moz or SEOBook to make this process simpler.

  • Social Bookmarking and Google URL Submission

Once your agency has optimized your website for SEO, make sure you submit any unranked pages to Google using the Google Webmaster Tool – Submit URL. And, to better ensure your pages will get ranked, add them to prominent social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

  • Keyword Phrases in Titles and Subtitles

Creating titles and subtitles on a web page that includes your preferred keywords will help search bots and human readers more readily scan your content. If they find relevant keywords in your subtitles, they are more likely to read the entire article.

  • Alt Image Tags and Header Tags

The title for a page appears on the search engine results page. The main header will appear when viewers open the page, similar to a headline in a magazine or newspaper article. Focus each web page on a specific topic and keyword phrase. Your title and header will be indexed by the search engine and seen by prospects. It will increase the chance viewers will open your article instead of an alternate article. Make sure you limit each page to a maximum of three keyword phrases. Both your prospects and the search bots will be looking for well organized, focused content, so keep your content streamlined and relevant.

  • Dynamic Content Not Duplicate Content

Search engine like to see new content as their search bots scan your insurance agency site. Adding dynamic content with a blog, video, and article publishing will help your insurance search engine optimization efforts. Make sure your website isn’t using boilerplate, duplicate content. If you purchased a site from a vendor that offers boilerplate content, rewrite all your content, as rapidly as possible, or your rankings will suffer the consequences.

  • Word Density

When it comes to word density, you should repeat your phrase, a reasonable number of times. There are many opinions on word density, ranging from 4% to over 10%. In general, a simple rule should be, when reading your content, it should read well for your website visitors first, and search engines second. Beware of „keyword stuffing“. When writing a page, focus on the topic, not the keyword phrase. When following this process, I find my keyword density is usually in the 5% to 8% range. For example, if you are writing about Florida flood insurance, it’s fine to repeat that phrase 4 or 5 times in 150 words, but not 10 times. You should include the phrase in your page name, page title, description and as header tags as discussed prior.

  • Boldface, Italics, Underline, Links

It’s good to boldface, italicize or underline your keyword phrases, but do so within a reasonable writing context on your pages. Links can also be helpful, linking to other pages within your website, or conversely, linking from other pages to your preferred pages. Don’t confuse this process with „link building“ schemes. Many agencies were led astray with SEO link building scams, such as link farms. Any external links to your insurance agency site should come from high quality, relevant sites.

  • Insurance Videos

Website visitors are 80% more likely to watch video then read your content, and search engines weight webpages that contain videos. And if your video has a longer view time than other websites in the same search results then your rankings cam improve even more.

  • SEO Tracking

There are tons of tools available for tracking insurance search engine optimization. Many are free, most are inexpensive. From Moz, to SEOBook, to WebCEO, your agency can pick from dozens of highly functional choices. That said, you’ll need to learn the tool you select, and run and measure the reports on a consistent (monthly should suffice) basis. And it goes without saying, that every agency should have Google Analytics loaded on their website, to track general traffic, traffic patterns, search engine referrals, and social media referrals to their website.

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Give Your Electronics Business Online Hype With A Businesslike Site

Have you ever walked into an electronics showroom and wondered what is different between them and a normal retail clothing outlet? The showroom look all way polished, spacious and professional with the products arranged perfectly for the customers to look, try and test products. No doubt, like the physical storefronts, your online counterpart for the electronics business must represent a unique panorama of poshness, elegance, professionalism and colours that go with the electronics products. Keeping such specialities in mind, creating an eCommerce site isn’t that simple and here’s are some pertinent strategies or checklist for you to walk through and mark off as you complete creating your site. These will ensure that you online electronics shop is as worthy as any offline storefront and serves customers with the best of experience.

Choose a classy template/themes

Either you are using Magento, Shopify or Zencart, choose the theme or template for your web store wisely. Use a high-tech responsive theme like ITECH which is specially made for selling high-end technical stuff, from electronics to IT equipment. Get a theme that will charm customers with flat designs, sleek look, cleaner block and layout, and rich features.

Manage what buyers will first see

Whenever anyone comes to a website, they either have the option to look around for the products or leave it. If the navigation and your homepage interfaces are not appealing to the visitors, they immediately back out from the site. Electronics always indulge costly investments. So, shoppers do not just pick their product, but go to the site to know its authenticity. Thus, keep a double-check on these aspects.

  • Nicely designed logo
  • Promotional graphics on the homepage
  • Clear search area at the site
  • Latest products news blog
  • Quick links to choose recent purchases and trending products

Work on the overall Site look and management

Every Hi-tech eCommerce site needs consistent moderation and effective management so that no buyers face hassles while placing orders. Things that need to be double checked in the site every time you look into your site’s administration:

  • Keeping minimalist layout/design for super-simple navigation
  • Security certificates to make sure safe payment transactions
  • Incorporate separate categories for each product page with filtering options
  • Easy and fast checkout option placed clearly on each product page

Designing product pages in the best fitting way

Most of the times people search for the electronics on the search engines and the results let them land directly on a particular product page. This means there placing of detailed products information, apart from essential tools, media and buttons to push the buyers to purchase. For designing the product pages wisely and optimise them for SEO objectives.

  • Clear Add-to-Cart button & Call to Action
  • Related Product for up selling and cross-selling
  • Items information and specifications
  • Best colour customisation
  • Wish-list button

Apart from the above checklist, maintain sophistication in your electronics store with custom options like Live Chat area, 24*7 Customer Support, social sharing buttons, etc. That is all. Go with this checklist to create a great site for your electronics shop venture that can perfectly captivate shoppers as they are on the go.

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Difference Between SEO Writing and Ghost Writing

A person or a company may require understanding the difference between SEO writing and ghost writing while looking for a freelancer to outsource various types of writing projects. The SEO writing and the ghost writing are two form of writing quite different from each other. An SEO writer writes content for the SEO use specifically, whereas the ghost writer can be writing about anything, it can include writing content for the site as well. Both types of writers may not get the credit for their work. It may be credited to someone else as they usually write for other companies or people for a decided amount. They may have to follow some specific requirements or instructions of the project providers.

The SEO writing is not exactly a writing skill; it is more of a social skill. The SEO writing has a focus on the product marketing or selling. So if you are an SEO writer, it means that you are not exactly a writer, you are more of a sales person. Unlike other sales persons, you do not use a pitch; you are using your words to sell a product or to intrigue the demand of your product in the minds of people.

A ghost writer is the person who writes contents which are informative by its nature. Usually his writings are not dealing much with the selling of a product. Although he can write about the benefits of a product, but his content is not focused on the selling of any product.

Both of the writing types are unique and have its own importance in the relevant fields. If a person is good at SEO writing, he may not be able to perform at the same level as a ghost writer. The same works vice versa. A ghost writer will have to face lots of problems if he wants to write an effective SEO content. Each of the writers can perform exceptionally in the relevant field but cannot perform with the same efficiency for other, as each of the field requires specific specialties. An SEO writer knows well how he can create an article which can be of a great help to optimize the site with a search engine.

The SEO writing requires lots of time to perfect the contents. An SEO writer may have to spend longer hours on just one single article. He may have to edit the articles over and over again. He may have to change the headlines, text of some specific part or he may have to amend the subheadings. He has to make it sure that it is good enough to optimize the site conveniently with a search engine. It has to be attention grabbing. He is required to write such a content that has to interest a reader and should be able to generate a lead or offer a sale to the company.

An SEO writer has to write a convincing content, whereas, it isn’t the same for a ghost writer. A ghost writer also has to write interesting content, but he is not required to write a convincing content that has to offer a sale or a lead. An SEO writer can earn a lot higher amounts than what a ghost writer does.

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Cat Care Tips – #1

A badly behaved cat may have a medical condition

If your cat is not behaving correctly then he may have a medical condition – this will need attention. You may not be aware of this, but many cats who display behavior problems are often suffering from some type of illness. For example, a cat who has had diabetes for a while will drink lots of water and urinate almost constantly all over the place. Though this may seem like a behavior problem to a pet owner who is not aware of his cats medical issue, it is a serious occurrence that the cat cannot help unless he is properly treated.

Use spray water bottles to help train your cat

This is good technique. However, do not get too trigger-happy. Your only goal is to give a light squirt to your cat whenever you see him doing something wrong. Although you are the one shooting the water, he doesn’t realize that. All your cat knows is that whenever he approaches the couch he feels shocking spurts of water hit the side of his head or body.

Neuter your cat for better behaviour

The truth is that cats whom fight a lot are that way simply because they have not been neutered. When females are not pregnant, they are in heat virtually nonstop. Males on the other hand, are constantly seeking a mate. These two combinations will undoubtedly cause a lot of friction and fighting. However, once a feral cat has been taken in and neutered, this fighting stops.

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On-Page Optimization – How it Can Help You Increase Your Rankings

Lesson 1 – How to optimize your website

On-Page SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the changes made to the text and images content of a website to increase the websites rankings in the search engines. Some of the top London SEO consultants have studied On-Page SEO for a long time now and here we are going to discuss why On-page SEO is so important.

The Importance of On-Page SEO

The number one reason according to experts around the world is the following. You need to have On-Page SEO so that you can appear higher in the search engine rankings. It is no good having a beautiful website if no one sees it. To enable your potential customers to see your website, you first need to optimize it for your chosen keywords, usually three or four keywords will do. Without doing this your competitors have a distinct advantage over you.

So How Do You Optimize Your Website?

It is well known amongst some of the top London SEO consultancy agencies, that to optimise your website properly you need to make sure that the key elements of your site such as your Title, URL, Header Tags, Links and Body Text include your keywords in the proper density in order to make your website favourable to the search engines.

So Let’s Optimize our website:

The first thing you need to do is think of a title for your website.

Your title should ONLY include your main keywords. The shorter your title, the more weight the search engines will give to each of your keywords and in therefore the higher your website will appear in the rankings.

Your website title should not look something like this:

„Welcome to my website“

You should also not stuff your title with your keywords without making sense.

Here is another bad example of a title (lets assume your keywords are Garden Table sets, Garden chairs, Sun Lounger):

„Garden table sets and garden chair and sun lounger“

From a keyword perspective you seem to have put all your keywords in your title. However, there are too many „and’s“ and the title is way too long.

A good example of your title should be something like this:

„Garden table chair sets | Sun Lounger“

Here the „and“ has been taken out and we have combined the words „Garden table sets & Garden Chairs.“

When the search engines go looking at our website they will now see all our main keywords and nothing else! Combining the keywords is a fantastic way to boost the strength of each individual keyword.

This will in turn have a real impact on your ranking and should increase it dramatically.

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