3 Essential Elements of On-Page SEO Techniques

The most crucial part as far as a website is concerned is consistent flow of traffic into the website. There are a lot numbers of ways to woo traffic into our website ranging from paid services such as advertisements, Pay per Click (PPC) campaign and few more, to completely free methods. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a free way to get traffic to you website. There are numbers of factors that will affect your positions in search engines. However, if we manage to give extra attention to 3 crucial elements of On Page SEO techniques, we should be able to see decent flow of traffic into our websites.

1. Keyword Density

This is the most important element that cannot be overlooked when it comes to SEO techniques. Some people go overboard by doing „keyword stuffing“ which means they use the same keyword or key phrase over and over again in a web article. Don’t be surprised if your website is pushed deeper inside the search engine result pages (SERPs). Search engines especially Google will not tolerate any technique that adversely affects the quality of their SERPs.

There is no precise percentage of keyword usage when we talk about keyword density, but it should be between 5% to 17%. There are many sites that can do the calculation for you. So you don’t have to do it manually.

This on-page optimization technique is in its best shape if you put your main keyword in your title. Make sure the title is bold and properly formatted with H1 or H2 tag. Your keywords must be included in the first sentence so that it will appear as a short description on SERPs.

2. ALT Tags

A picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately it is only valid to human eyes and pictures carry no information to search engine spiders. In order to assist the readability of the spiders, we must insert some sort of description or keywords inside the „ALT tag“. Basically ALT tag is used to describe images in text. As far as keyword density is concerned, the same applies to „alt tag“; do not put excessive keyword stuffing.

3. Content Is King

Content is without a doubt is the primary ingredient in deciding where your website position in SERPs should be. Never go for duplicate content. Search engines have rapidly evolved to make sure less and less splogs (spam blogs) from zeroing in on search engine result pages. Search engine really value the presence of fresh unique content as they are much inclined to provide fresh and useful information to the internet users.

The rule of thumb in making sure your website to be placed decently at the search engines is to have an article of around 400 – 500 words. The longer your article, the better your page chance of getting better place. An article contains of 1 or 2 paragraphs will lack in development of ideas. Most importantly, with the existence of abundance of millions and billions of articles on the internet, the probability of your short article to have similarity with other articles is pretty high.

Please bear mind, there are still a lot more tips to further optimize your ranking in search engines but these are the early and crucial steps in getting your website better and better ranking. As the algorithms keep changing from time to time, it is advisable for you to facilitate your own study by observing how changes you made affect your website ranking. This way you will learn better on how to get along with search engines needs.

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