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When looking at the numbers of my own information products that get the most listeners, I’m fortunate enough to know how to go into my website’s C Panel. The C Panel is when you go into the back control panel of your website, and there’s an icon in there called, „Stats,“ and you can click on the stats. It gives you all the statistics of how many people have clicked on a page.

It tells you how many unique visitors have come to your site. It tells you where your traffic is coming from, and then there’s a top ten. It’ll rank your interviews by the month, what are the top ten most listened interviews.

So, it’s really telling. It’s exciting to go in there and see what people are listening to. You can actually go into a section of that C Panel, and you can click on this thing. It’ll show you, if you had 300 visitors on your site, you can see exactly the path that someone has taken on your website.

They may come to the homepage. They may listen to an interview with Ben Settle, and you can see their traffic patterns. This really gives you a good idea of what is your market listening to on your website.

An interesting story, I just did an interview, it’s probably been two months. I did an interview with a lady named Elizabeth Hagen, and she is an organizing expert. She teaches ladies how to organize their life, and how to get rid of the clutter.

I was looking in the stats in January of 2009, and I couldn’t believe the traffic. On that mp3 file for January, it was hit on, I can’t say that all these people listened to it, but the mp3 interview had 4,304 hits. That’s a lot of hits.

It’s interesting that part two was listened to more than part one. Anyway, so I called Elizabeth and I was like, „Elizabeth, did you mail out to your list and promote that interview? The traffic on this interview is incredible.“ She said she didn’t, and I’ll tell you it’s getting harder and harder for me to kind of nail down where all these people are listening to this interview.

I’m scratching my head still with the Elizabeth Hagen interview. It’s still getting a ton of traffic, but we can’t figure out where. The reason is recently I’ve been taking my interviews – and we’ll talk more about this – I have all my interviews on iTunes. I have ten minute clips of all my interviews up on YouTube. I have them being introduced on Facebook, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and a lot of the social networking sites.

You may have someone who took some of the content from an ezine article on the organizing interview, and put it in their blog that has a large subscription base.

There’s an interesting point in this. As long as you start getting your interviews out there, and getting them on the internet, they’re going to go viral eventually. If you do it right and you provide good exciting and valuable content, these things will get passed around. So, you’ll never know sometimes where all this traffic is coming from, but I do remember that learning interview that I did with the gentleman. That was very popular.

I’m just looking here from January of 2009, the organizing interview was number one. An interview with Ben Settle was number two for January. There was one called The Obvious Expert with Elsom Eldridge, and that’s how to publish a book and become the obvious expert. That was number three.

This one was not that surprising. It was an interview I did with an expert on LinkedIn. It was a training on how to use LinkedIn, which is a business social networking site, and how to maximize that and meet people and network better. That was very popular in January.

These are just the top ten. Nick Gilbert, he’s the one who hosts my web server. We did an interview on internet security. That was one of the most popular ones. Then, there’s one more. A guy named Mark Imperial, it was on information product creation. That was very popular, too.

It’s great. Once you have a website, and once you start doing interviews, you will be able to track what’s hot and what’s not, and you can use that to your advantage when you’re marketing.

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