Finally I Have My Website! I’m So Happy But Now Everyone Tells Me I Need to Do SEO – What Can I Do?

This situation sound familiar? Every day millions of new webmasters start this road, which seems to be hard because is full of obstacles from the beginning. One of these early obstacles is SEO.

What is it? SEO is nothing more than Search Engine Optimization, a technique that allows webmasters to get good positions in the results of these search engines when a search is performed related to the theme of your website. A good SEO is the difference between appearing on page one of Google’s search engine or on page 34. And what I can do to make my website SEO friendly? You can do on page SEO, the first step to help search engines „digest“ your website easily. This is a simple article for those who still do not understand what it means SEO can take a safe course in the proper implementation of this technique is so important in the development of a website.

On Page SEO

What is On Page SEO? On page SEO is simply changes we can make to a page for the search engine can „understand“ it better. There are three major aspects of this process. We assume you have basic knowledge of HTML and HTML tags, and also that owns and knows how to use an HTML editor.

Note: You must do these steps for each of the pages of your website!

Aspect 1

TITLE. This is the best tool to help search engines to digest your web page. To make a good title, follow these steps.

1. Keep the length of the title between 40 and 66 characters and if possible, always include the name of your website or company at the end. EXAMPLE (Search for this tags in your html and if they dont exist create them between and tags…)

„Tips and tricks for SEO friendly websites. Mywebsite COM „

2. Include at least two key words in the title. See the previous example, shows „SEO“ „Tips“

3. The title should be a legible sentence.

4. Do not include in the title many keywords. This can be cataloged by the search engines as spam and for that your site will be penalized.

Note: Make your title tag exciting! This is the first thing users will read of your site.

Aspect 2

DESCRIPTION. The description tag will tell your users about the same as the title, but with the difference is description tag can be a little more explicit. The length of the description must not exceed 250 characters. Always try to include the same keywords used in the title but keeping the meaning of the sentence. EXAMPLE.(Search for this tags in your html and if they dont exist create them between and tags..)

„SEO made easy with the On page SEO Tips and Tricks.“

Aspect 3

Content. Has at least 200 words of content on each page. If you have more than 200 words make another page to continue but still try to include 200 in the second page. Search engines, as users can understand when a page has no content. And always try to provide quality content. This ensures that users will come back for more.

If you follow this simple steps soon you will see the difference in the search engine’s result ranking much better in their positions. Enjoy!.

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