How to Boost Your Startup – 5 Tools You Must Have

As a web business entrepreneur, I’d like to suggest some great tools I used and I’m still using for an easier online activity. There are a lot of great tools on the web but I think I can summarize here the best ones for a business startup phase.

Good Logo Design Service:

A good brand has a good logo. It is so important. You can hire a freelance for the logo design, but we suggest a crowd-sourcing marketplace like IamaSource, crowdspring, logomyway, etc… Especially the first one, revelation for the 2010, has a friendly and really proactive customer care. Anyway with these kind of services you can save some money and get a lot of ideas for your logo.


Being on the web, you should always remember that content is the King, so your business needs to provide high quality outputs. To do this a great way is having a blog. A blog is useful to be known from the people that are surfing the net and that belong to your niche. Also search engines love blogs and their keywords! Always important o include some geographics references on your blog articles.


Free ads, lots of eyeballs. A lot of entrepreneurs say that they got more clients from a service like this than from AdWords. You can set up your business account on your local Craigslist and start posting your services under the right category.


Website analytics give you valuable information about how people visit your website, where they came from, what pages they visit, and in some cases, who exactly visited. The information is invaluable if you take your website or blog seriously. Google analytics is a good, free option. But I also recommend a more detailed package like the one I use from Visistat, which offers a free trial.

Facebook Page:

Social Media Marketing is so much important and you can’t miss it. Set up a free Facebook page and use it to socialize with, and engage customers. Anyway, as everything, a good strategy must be followed being stuck to it, without losing the natural sense of Facebook, that is being social.

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