How to Create Easy Link Bait For Your Blog

Sooner or later in the blogging world you are going to learn about a term called link bait. Link bait is any content that you produce for your website that is intended to attract a higher number of natural links to the website. I am going to share one simple little idea with you that can have you getting more links and more traffic at the same time.

Stop and think about why people visit blogs. They visit blogs for a number of different reasons. Primarily though, they are going to visit your blog because they think there is something interesting on it or because they are self serving individuals looking for a place to get comment links from. It is pretty easy to create link bait for the people who are looking for comment links.

The way that you do this is by advertising your liberal and generous comment policy on your homepage. I suggest you install a couple of WordPress plugins that reward people for commenting on your website. A couple more well known ones are the Commentluv plugin and the one called Top Commentators. Both of these tools are very beneficial to someone seeking comments. The third thing that you should do is remove the No Follow tags from your blog comments. Make sure you install a spam filter though or you will regret it.

These tools are such magnets for blog commentators that you are going to make sure you have some type of spam filter in place. Otherwise you will be spending a great deal of your time cleaning up really low quality comments.

Installing these tools is going to take you a whopping fifteen minutes. Get them installed and setup. Then make sure you advertise it well on your homepage. Put some bold phrases in the sidebar or other places that will catch a person’s eye. You want people to take notice that you use those tools. It won’t be long before you are having all kinds of bloggers popping in just so they can leave comments.

You should also make sure that you tell people what practices are unacceptable. If you aren’t going to allow anyone to put keywords in the name slot, then you should say so. You should also tell them that you use spam filters. That is fair warning to anyone who tries to do it.

Once you have everything setup properly you need to get the word out a little bit. The easiest way to get the word out is to visit the websites of the people who created those WordPress tools. Find some other sites that use the same ones. Then visit those sites and leave a few comments about it. In your comment you should mention that your site uses the tools also. Then as people visit those sites to get comments, they will come across your comment. Hopefully, they will visit your site as a result.

Once a handful of these people take notice of your site and find out it is a great source of links, they will most definitely start spreading the news. In a couple months your site will get all kinds of traffic that it never would have gotten otherwise.

Try this link bait method out and you’ll see that it works. People love sites that they can easily comment on. The more beneficial you make it for them; the more the word is going to spread.

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