How to Lucid Dream With Reality Testing

Lucid dreaming is very normal and extremely common. Basically, it means that one is aware they are dreaming, while they are dreaming. One becomes aware that they are in a lucid dream when they realize that the situation that they are dreaming about is really impossible. One case of this is flying, or talking to a lost loved one.

Lucid dreaming has many benefits such as increasing problem solving skills by figuring things out subconsciously or facing one’s fears by doing something that you are normally afraid of. There are ways that one can accomplish lucid dreaming. One of those examples is reality testing.

Reality testing is a great way for beginners to learn how to lucid dream. The first part of reality testing is actually to do a reality test. This can be done by something as simple as reading some text. For example, to do this it would help if you had a book and you looked at the title. Let’s assume the title is „See Spot Run.“ Then, imagine to yourself that the text actually says „101 Dalmatians.“ The point of this is to see if the text changes. It has been researched that text changes up to ninety five percent if you re-read things at least twice. If the text changes, you are dreaming and can continue to the next step.

Now you must imagine that your environment you are in is totally a dream. This includes all the senses of your body. Now you can imagine that the book is flying off the table, or maybe you are reading the book while flying. The last step is imagine that you are enjoying the activity you are doing. Lucid dreams should be of fun experiences, so you might as well enjoy them!

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