How to Track Google AdWords Conversions

Google AdWords provides anyone who aspires to make it good in the online marketing beginning with the proper ways of choosing keywords for your ads to the implementation and actual presentation of the ad itself. Google AdWords made sure that the right tools are available to guide you in almost every aspect of the online advertising industry.

The way to an effective ad campaign does not end with the posting of the ad itself. In fact, the path to ensuring the success of your ad campaign is first choosing the right keyword or set of keywords, then making a very persuasive ad, and then the actual execution of the ad, and then another branching of the path begins with tracking conversions and assessing the results. And this particular step in the ad campaign process is what determines what part of your ad is working and what does not.

There are two essential conversion tracking tools provided by Google available on the AdWords platform but if you are just starting out, it would be best to try out the landing page hits and the amount of sales produced from a specific link that you utilized within the ad.

To start tracking conversions using Google AdWords, you have to first use JavaScript to embed the conversion link. The safest and most efficient way to do this is to use JavaScript codes especially if you are employing the virtual shopping cart setup or the confirmation as part of the checkout process system.

Keep in mind that that the singular requirement so that you can run the conversion tracker on your website is if you are operating a legitimate AdWords advertisement on the site and at the same time the code snippet is placed solely on the conversion page. If you lack any of these components, your effort to generate accurate data is for naught.

Now if instead of using the shopping cart types of selling you have PayPal as your payment instrument, then all you need to do is prepare a conversion confirmation webpage inside PayPal and then insert the Google AdWords JavaScript code directly into web page to continue tracking conversions. You will automatically have a record of a customer’s conversion and visit as soon as the he or she finishes the shopping cart or PayPal buying procedure.

You can make more intellectual decisions when you have conversion data within your hands. With the correct data coming in, you can make proper adjustments to make better your return of investment.

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