Improve Your Page Rank Through Internal Links

When the word link building comes up in any SEO discussion, most just get the idea that the best links are those that come from other referring websites. These are called external links, and although they are essential in improving your page rank as well, these are not the only links that matter. External links tell the search engines that your website is relevant and authoritative that people are using it as a reference on a particular topic. Most SEO companies offering link building services usually put their efforts on backlinking from other websites to your site.

However, you should not forget that internal pages on your website can still be optimized, even after weeks of publication through effective internal link building. This is done by interlinking the pages on your site and using keywords to establish the relevance of a particular page to a new website entry. Internal links, when properly utilized can also be used as a powerful SEO tool that can help you increase your page rank.

You can do the internal linking yourself or hire an SEO specialist who can offer link building services. This is not a difficult task, but one that takes time and creativity, because what you want to accomplish here is a well defined structure of links between pages that is not only useful for SEO purposes, but more so for the site users.

Here are just a few reasons why you should pay some attention to internal linking:

1. It leads to your site being properly spidered.

The best thing that can result from your internal linking is that it tells the search engine spiders that there are other pages on your site. You may be surprised later on to find out that your site also ranks high for the other keywords that you’re not even targeting, because the spiders are led again and again to what is inside the other pages of your site.

2. It will establish the relevance of an internal page to a keyword.

Obviously, you would want the most competitive keywords showing up on your homepage, while the less competitive ones on your internal pages. You can direct readers of your internal pages back to your homepage by using keywords that you want associated with your home page. This works both ways, so if you are trying to optimize your internal pages, you can also choose keywords on your home page which will lead the reader to relevant content on other pages of your site.

3. It can increase the page value of your internal pages.

To increase the page rank of your internal pages, you can assign keywords to it that will show up on your homepage. Generally, pages that are somehow linked to your homepage are given higher value. So use the right keywords that can relate one page to the homepage, but be careful not to overuse these words as the search engines also frowns on overuse of keywords.

Whether you are doing your own SEO, or you have someone offering you link building services, you need to consider any possible strategy that can put you on top of all competition. Internal link building is an easy, basic step of optimizing your site and achieving the high page rank that will be good for your online business.

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