Increased Web Site Traffic Through Article Marketing

So the big question is, can article marketing really give me increased web site traffic? Well, all I can say is that it works for me. And I am willing to tell you how I do it.

The first way I do it is that of writing articles and sending them out to the big article directories online. The reason I do that is to get traffic to my web site – I want inbound links so I would get a higher ranking. My very first web site, within about 3-4 months, was at about #3 or #4 – but it was really crazy getting it there.

At first, it was ranked like #120 – and every couple of days I would scroll through Google results to see if it had moved at all. And sure enough it had! Almost without fail, every few days it moved. Then it got to #3 or #4 and stayed there for awhile. Now it has been in the #1 spot for about 6 months – to test me out, Google „Christian time management“ and you should see it in the number one spot (It’s the one with the title „Time Management for Christian Success“).

The second way that I create increased web site traffic through article marketing is to find long tailed keywords (Key phrases with at least 2-3 words in them) and write articles optimized for those words. What happens is that for long-tailed keywords, when you write articles and submit them to the top – pageranked article directories, the pagerank of the article directory can often break through to the top ten results, and you get traffic from that.

The idea is that for a lot of the long tailed keywords, there is not as much competition as for the main keyword – so the page ranks of the top ten are not as high, and an article directory with pr of 6 or 7 can often get your article listed in the top ten.

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