Internet Marketing – A Boom

If you look through the evolution of internet marketing you do not have to look very far back. These days we come across reading lot of internet success stories where people share there views and ideas on How to expand the business by adopting the right methodology and approach but there is no fixed guidelines to follow as every one has there on strategy of promoting there business. We will discuss few proven and tested methods which were used by the “Internet Gurus“.

1.Search Engine Optimization

SEO is basically a complete thought process and it begins with developing a website which not only attracts the visitor but also focus on gaining high position in the search engine. In other words SEO is all about getting a high ranking on the search engine/s. Search Engine Optimization takes into account various techniques like Pay per click advertising, Content Development, Affiliate Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Link Building and so on. By using all these techniques it makes a website reach at a high ranking.

Further Search Engine Optimization can be divided into two parts-Off page and On page optimization. On page optimization include all the methods such as website design, meta tag, navigations, links and so on. Competitor’s analysis, keyword analysis, website development , keyword finalization are also included in On page work whereas off page optimization focuses more on work other then your website like search engine submission, classified, social bookmarking, press releases etc. By adopting these methods you can increase the circulation of your website. As ultimately both focus on driving the traffic to the website.

2.Search Engine Marketing

SEM is part of search engine optimization, which is ultimately targeting on increasing your page rank. There can be many ways of doing internet marketing to drive traffic to your site.

Firstly create superb content and articles for your site and make sure that these articles and content focus on the relevant keywords as this can help in diverting the traffic to your website, in fact high quality articles will definitely lead your page to the top of major search engine/s.

Secondly building good quality links will also help is increasing the page rank as good links also contribute in popularizing the website.

Last but not the least is online directory submission. You can promote your website and your business by targeting for a directory which already has a good status when it comes to popularity and traffic density.

3.Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a creative way of advertising over the social networks like posting of blog, or marketing through orkut or Facebook or uploading some videos at YouTube etc, basically it can also be termed as a „viral marketing“.

Since internet has become so such an important part of every ones life in the past few years that lot of businessmen are quickly discovering the hidden treasure of internet marketing and advertise without launching an ad campaign.

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