Key Phrase Factors For On-Page Optimization

To put it in simple terms, understanding key phrase factors becomes a technique. Granted they are nothing but search engine optimization or SEO techniques used on the web page itself. This allows the search engine spiders to acknowledge the keywords of the particular site better. Without on-page optimization techniques, search engines will not recognize the keywords for which you want your website to be ranked.

The first and most important thing that you need to do is to use main keywords as part of your title tag. You should also utilize your main keywords as part of the description tag of your website. Every page of your website should have a unique keyword and description tag. Moreover, make sure that the description tag describes only that particular web page. You will need to remember all these aspects when writing SEO articles for your website.

While SEO copywriting, you must ensure that you add around five to six keywords that include the main keyword phrase, along with some synonyms of that particular keyword phrase. It is also a prudent idea to stay away from what are known as ‚little‘ keywords. Examples of such keywords include words such as „for“, „and“, „or“, etc., which generally should not be included in primary key phrases. You can also think of using the keyword as part of the domain name of your website. Although it is not essential, it is known to be helpful for attracting web traffic.

As often as possible, the page title elements in your website should be approximately three to nine words and to the exact point. This is important since this is what will show up as a link- back to your page in most of the search engine results. Similarly, you should also insure that your Meta description tag consists of thirty words or less. The Meta description would show up in many search engine results, often as a summary of your website. All these key phrase factors play an important role in the on-page optimization process.

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