Little Money Investment – Different Ways to Earn Money by Compounding

There is a surprising range of things you can do to learn extra money for very little money investment. Options include performing as an extra in films, donating blood (or sperm or eggs), house sitting or looking after peoples pets.

The scope for earning money in these ways will vary according to where you live. For example the rules on blood donation etc vary from country to country but in many places you can earn a little useful extra income this way.

House sitting is another option in certain areas. In some cities there is an emerging market for people prepared to live in one’s home if they have moved away temporarily or are having difficulties in selling the house. Typically this will mean you can live rent free for a period. You may be expected to show potential purchasers around and obviously move out at short notice. Other ways to live rent free could be to take seasonal work at a ski resort – again not a great earner but certainly good for avoiding expenditure.

Pet sitting and dog walking are also useful ways to earn some extra money. Many people will pay you to walk their dogs during the day or to visit and feed their pets whilst they are on holiday. Again this is a useful way to earn some extra money for little investment, the main cost being to arrange suitable insurance.

If you are looking to earn extra money and cannot afford to invest too much then there are a variety of ways you can earn additional income. These are often related to where you live so the options will vary from country to country but one thing for sure is that the internet is worldwide and used to make great amount of money with little or no investment. This can be done by compounding your money within the comfort of your home.

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