Make Your Apps Easy To Navigate

When it comes to mobile app development, one of the most important parts is the navigation. The navigation has to be easily accessible and it must not take too much space on the screen. Things really change when they shift from desktop to mobile screens. Too much navigation bars or points are acceptable for a desktop screen but not for a mobile screen.

However, following practices are extremely useful when it comes to establishing navigation in an app.

Menus must be short

Experts say that less is always more on a mobile device. The choices for a user have to be short so that they don’t go into decision paralysis while selecting for an option.It is to remember that mobile users are always looking for instant information and if they find an app filled with a lot of menus, they won’t stay on the app. This is the reason, menus need to be short and instant.

Include a search button

It is always a good option to maintain simplicity and minimalism in mobile design but it is also important that you provide a platform through which users can find their related things instantly. This is the reason, you have to add a prominent search button so that they can easily find what they want quickly. However, the button must be located at the top of the screen for good visibility and easy search.

Make returning to homepage easy for users

It is very common and easy for users to get lost in the app and take a lot of time to find their exact location. For this reason, experts recommend installing a home icon to every screen of the app so that users can easily return to homepage whenever they want.

Develop CTAs

You must not forget that you have to drive users to your business as easy as possible. Every screen of the app should contain a call to action so that you can make users do what you expect them to do.

Include share icons

Today, people are obsessed with social media and whatever they do on their devices, they share it on social media. Apps that allow their content to be shared on social media sites are always appreciated by users.

Finally, you must not avoid making your app touch-friendly. Unlike desktop-input medium, users are going to use your app with their fingers for navigation. Make sure your app has plenty of space available and buttons are large enough to easily accommodate fingers of all sizes and shapes.

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