On-Page Optimization – How it Can Help You Increase Your Rankings

Lesson 1 – How to optimize your website

On-Page SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the changes made to the text and images content of a website to increase the websites rankings in the search engines. Some of the top London SEO consultants have studied On-Page SEO for a long time now and here we are going to discuss why On-page SEO is so important.

The Importance of On-Page SEO

The number one reason according to experts around the world is the following. You need to have On-Page SEO so that you can appear higher in the search engine rankings. It is no good having a beautiful website if no one sees it. To enable your potential customers to see your website, you first need to optimize it for your chosen keywords, usually three or four keywords will do. Without doing this your competitors have a distinct advantage over you.

So How Do You Optimize Your Website?

It is well known amongst some of the top London SEO consultancy agencies, that to optimise your website properly you need to make sure that the key elements of your site such as your Title, URL, Header Tags, Links and Body Text include your keywords in the proper density in order to make your website favourable to the search engines.

So Let’s Optimize our website:

The first thing you need to do is think of a title for your website.

Your title should ONLY include your main keywords. The shorter your title, the more weight the search engines will give to each of your keywords and in therefore the higher your website will appear in the rankings.

Your website title should not look something like this:

„Welcome to my website“

You should also not stuff your title with your keywords without making sense.

Here is another bad example of a title (lets assume your keywords are Garden Table sets, Garden chairs, Sun Lounger):

„Garden table sets and garden chair and sun lounger“

From a keyword perspective you seem to have put all your keywords in your title. However, there are too many „and’s“ and the title is way too long.

A good example of your title should be something like this:

„Garden table chair sets | Sun Lounger“

Here the „and“ has been taken out and we have combined the words „Garden table sets & Garden Chairs.“

When the search engines go looking at our website they will now see all our main keywords and nothing else! Combining the keywords is a fantastic way to boost the strength of each individual keyword.

This will in turn have a real impact on your ranking and should increase it dramatically.

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