Squash Strings – Dynamics and Performance

The performance of your squash racquet is largely dependent on your squash strings. By changing the characteristics of your squash strings, you can improve different aspects of your performance, or tailor your racquet setup to your style of play. There are different dynamics and features to choose from, so choosing the perfect squash strings is essential to matching your squash equipment to your method of play.

Squash string tension can be used to your advantage regardless of your style. If you’re a player who yearns for a more powerful shot, then a loose tension will best fit your needs. For those who are already comfortable with their power, and looking for more control or accuracy, then tightening up your strings is the right way to go. Squash string thickness, often referred to as gauge, is measured in millimetres by diameter. Using a string with a thinner diameter will offer more power. Thinner strings provide more power due to a catapult effect that is created, as thin strings, allow the string bed to bend and manipulate inwards and outwards. Stringing up with a thicker string, will not only provide additional control, but thick strings are also more durable and will last much longer before replacements are needed. The increased accuracy is provided by a much firmer and less palpable string bed.

It’s important to remember that your squash strings will lose tension over time. For those who opt for tighter strings, you may notice your control and accuracy decreases over time, and this can be, in part, down to your strings losing tenacity. For looser strings, as the strings become more relaxed, you will begin to lose the power in your shots you originally had. These issues can be easily resolved by maintaining your equipment and replacing or tightening strings regularly. If you’re a beginner mastering your game, or a pro polishing off your skills, string tension should always be an element of your equipment you maintain regularly. It’s estimated that string tension will reduce up to 10% in the first day of being strung, and more so over time, due to use during play.

Choosing the right squash strings for your racquet is considered to be one of the most important factors of your racquet setup. Ensure you have the right tension and gauge for your style of play and maintain regular upkeep to ensure the consistency of your game.

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